What are the Necessary Measures to Stop the Spread of COVID-19?

What are the Necessary Measures to Stop the Spread of COVID-19?

At Latino Gringos ™ we have consulted various sources in order to illustrate to Latinos which are the most optimal measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 in Florida and throughout the country, without putting the national economy at risk, an issue that has been the main focus of concern since the pandemic was decreed.

What are the necessary measures to stop the spread of covid - 19?

Many Latinos will agree that the long shutdowns in the state of Florida were very detrimental to both the personal and Florida economy.

Thank God that governor Ron Desantis saw through the political agendas and decided to open up the state without the ridiculous mask mandates that even Dr. Fauci had admitted several times, were ineffective before changing his mind several times. Zero science behind those claims that masks work was enough to get some governors to finally use common sense and look at facts.

Latinos and most people now understand that taking care of oneself better and using nutrition via vitamins, supplements, and better eating habits, are the ‘secret’ to beating what many scientists and doctors now admit, is the common cold/flu overly exaggerated for political purposes.

There is a reason that many people are moving to the Sunshine State and getting away from the tyrannical governments of other areas such as New York, where Governor Cuomo is in hot water over the deaths of many seniors and should face criminal charges for covering up the deaths.

The necessary steps to stop the spread of COVID-19?

Turn off your televisions. If it were not for the mass media hysteria for over one year now, life would have been normal. Latinos are tired of being lied to. Flu/cold have disappeared? Really??? Latinos are starting to see the real epidemic and pandemic are the lies given by the media and government officials.

Fear is the greatest tool over people and it is time we took that tool away. We believe our Latinos and Latino Gringos will be the ones to help put an end to this control that has been put over us.

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