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Luis Velez (Dr ‘Uncle Louie” Angel)

After many years of trying different ideas and projects, he finally found something he could be proud of; helping Latinos living in the United States to be happy and solve common problems. His team of Latinos and Latinas are assisting by doing research, writing articles and just trying to help Latino Gringos find a place that is focused on them and their interests.


Our social media

As we build our brand and grow, we will be publishing a lot on social media and we need your help. Without the support of our Latino Gringos, we could not help anyone. We love suggestions on how to improve our community and simply help our people.

Article Writing

We have a team of expert writers who want to write about things that are in the minds of Latinos. We are all under some kind of stress and we are just trying to do it. It’s best to fit in and live peaceful lives. We do our best to solve problems through our research and writing.



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